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Zakk Wylde Says OZZY Will Sing For Zakk's BLACK SABBATH Cover Band, ZAKK SABBATH, After Farewell Tour

This is a really, really odd choice.

This is a really, really odd choice.

Ozzy Osbourne officially retired Black Sabbath from all touring duties in 2017 and is retiring from his solo career sometime in 2020 after his lengthy No More Tours 2 tour. Not to sit around doing nothing, it seems as though Ozzy is going to continue on with his live antics with guitarist Zakk Wylde in Wylde's Black Sabbath cover band, Zakk Sabbath.

"Without a doubt. But it's not so much a farewell run. I guess this chapter he's closing, his solo career. Just like with Sabbath – they closed that chapter. This is a farewell of his solo career.

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"But right after this, as soon as we end this, Ozz is gonna continue on with Zakk Sabbath. You know, Oz is kind of familiar with the material. I think it'll be easy to switch. Without a doubt."

I guess if you missed Black Sabbath on their final tour, go check 'em out with a completely new lineup behind Ozzy? Wylde also doesn't say if they're just going to do a few shows between the No More Tours 2 dates or if it'll just be a handful of one-off things, or if this is a future endeavor.

It's worth noting that the interview from which this information comes from takes a lot of very jokey turns. So I guess this could also just be a very silly joke Wylde made that we're all taking too seriously. Zakk Wylde isn't a terribly serious dude.

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