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Varg from BURZUM Records 10-Minute Video Slamming MAYHEM's Euronymous, The Man He Murdered 20 Years Ago

"He was an attention whore, he wanted all the attention" – says Varg unironically, recording a video about a person he murdered 20 years ago.

"He was an attention whore, he wanted all the attention" - says Varg unironically, recording a video about a person he murdered 20 years ago.

Varg Vikernes is a man of many opinions. He creates videos offering love adviceappreciating one's own race, offers April's Fool Jokes with Nazi symbolism, and is a conspiracy truther.

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He also seemingly shows no remorse for murdering his friend, Euronymous, whom he stabbed 23 times – twice to the head, five to the neck, and 16 to the back. Today, Varg posted a video journal where he gives the history of his friendship with Euronymous, and then goes on to call Euronymous a pussy and an attention whore. All class!  If you don't have the time to watch the 10 minutes of rambling, we've summarized below…

Varg starts the video by taking his viewers back on a journey to 1992, to talk about Euronymous, the man he murdered, being a poor businessman, not knowing how to run his shop and record company. He mentioned when Euronymous released the debut Burzum album, he had to borrow money from Varg, to get the copies printed. Varg claims after the first pressing, Euronymous didn't have enough money to print another pressing. Varg says he tried to help as much as he could, but then gave up and started his own record company.

He then goes on to brag about an interview he did with German press, talking about his own church burnings and to help promote Euronymous's record label. He scared away the German journalists and the journalists ended up calling the cops, and they showed up and immediately arrested Varg allegedly without question. Varg said the point of him doing the story was to promote Euronymous's shop, but Euronymous ended up closing the shop because his parents didn't like the negative attention.

He then takes a moment to bash Venom, saying he never really liked them, he just had a stock of shirts that he wanted to sell. Because Euronymous's record store also featured the same logo and the Venom shirt said "black metal," that's why he wore it. He then went on to call Euronymous a pussy for closing the shop. Varg eventually spoke in front of a court and said that he was pulling the journalist's leg and the case got dismissed.

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He then goes on to again question's Euronymous's coolness, because he's supposed to be this cool, black metal guy, but closed his shop at his parents' behest. Then a graphic appears that says "not only that, he also put on a white sweatshirt and gave an interview in the newspaper, where he APOLOGIZED ON BEHALF OF THE ENTIRE BLACK METAL SCENE" [emphasis Vargs']. Varg goes on to say everybody in the scene laughed at him and Varg calls his dead buddy a loser.

He then calls Euronymous an attention whore, and goes on to say Euronymous was jealous that Varg was the one who was requested to be interviewed. He called Euronymous jealous, and also quickly skimped over their political differences. Varg goes on to say he exposed Euronymous as a "complete pussy" because of the interview. "He was an attention whore, he wanted all the attention" – says Varg unironically, recording a video about a person he murdered 20 years ago.

He says this is what led to the 'incident,' which of course is the murder and claims that said incident is what made black metal famous.

Overall, it's incredibly mind blowing how unaware Varg is, but then again, this is the same guy who has made April Fool's jokes about the murder, so I'm guessing he's not feeling much sympathy in his older years.

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[via (((MetalSucks)))]

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