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It'd be best to keep a bucket nearby for these ten stomach-turning tracks.

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Happening next June, when all this has passed (hopefully).

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Music Videos

I'm getting some real Cradle of Filth vibes here.

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The band has thrown enough curve balls at us to make the anticipation a bit uneasy for some, but with Mayhem one thing is...


Nader Sadek is famous for his elaborate stage designs, sculptures, and masks. His clients have included artists like SUNN O))) and Mayhem, whom he...


By Ben Apatoff When supposed black metal purists lament the commercialization of their beloved music, they could be talking about BORKNAGAR. Despite roots in...


By Ben Apatoff Until the Light Takes Us, a new documentary chronicling black metal-related crimes in Norway in the early '90s, tells a fascinating...

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Latest Mayhem Live Footage

Live Footage

MAYHEM performed entire 1994 album De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas at Saint Vitus Bar. Check out Max Volume Silence Live, video by Frank Huang

Live Footage

Watch a full report and more live clips from Barge To Hell at http://bit.ly/UUP9FF

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