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Varg Vikernes Is Now A Truther – Claims US Is Using Terrorism As Political Tool

Varg knows things!

Varg knows things!

Where does Varg find the time to release these cinematic masterpieces? He creates videos offering love advice and appreciating one's own race and offers April's Fool Jokes with Nazi symbolism. His latest video is called "Universal Deceit" and is all about how everybody's trying to fool you, with the focus being on the United States.

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He called terrorism a political tool used mostly by the CIA:

Terrorism is a political tool used widely and mainly by the USA, and has been for a long time. The CIA in particular is heavily involved in almost all terror attacks that we see and have seen in modern times.

So, essentially, Varg is now a truther. I wonder if he'll be appearing on Alex Jones' show sometime soon.

I will say, there were about 30 seconds in this video where I found myself agreeing with Varg, on the topic of corruption in capitalism, voter fraud and big Pharma.

But then, Varg started displaying memes about anti-PC culture and men's rights and that's when I had to start rolling my eyes. Naturally, the next step was displaying quotes about how society is "trying to abolish the white race," like this is some active crusade by politically correct people to kill off all whites by simply asking for equal rights.

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Eventually, it devolves into a slideshow of image macros your paranoid uncle usually sends in chains to the whole family. So if you'd like to recreate that feeling, here's the video:

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