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KERRY KING Calls The Grammys Both "Retarded" And "Important" In The Same Breath

Posted by on July 28, 2015 at 2:42 pm

Slayer guitarist Kerry King is not a man who sugar coats. We've confirmed as much in the last few weeks when King has been brutally honest about the horrible turn out to the band's current tour, saying he wouldn't even buy a ticket to this year's fest.

Recently, King was asked about the Grammy awards. Slayer have two Grammy awards, winning Best Metal Performance in 2007 for "Eyes of the Insane" and in 2008 for "Final Six." To highlight how ridiculous the Grammys are, both songs actually appeared on the same album… 2006's Christ Illusion. We've been calling the Grammy award for metal nothing but a glorified paperweight for years, and in a recent interview, King seems to agree…

To be honest? I think it's one of the most retarded things ever, because no one involved with the Grammys has any idea, anything about metal, let alone hard rock. I mean, the first time a Grammy was awarded to a metal band was Jethro Tull. Are you serious? Last year? Tenacious D. They're a fucking joke band. That's what I've gotta say, first and foremost.

So far, we have to agree. It is a total joke. But then, King actually explained why winning the Grammy was important to him:

When we won ours, I think it was probably cool for my parents, you know, 'cause they understand what a Grammy is. They don't understand the bullshit involved with it, but to be able to come home with that big-ass heavy award and show it to my parents, that was important to me.

It's interesting that he takes a second to call the Grammys ridiculous (well, he said retarded) but then goes on to say that winning was important to him because it validated the band to his parents. Something about Kerry King seeking parental validation seems utterly humurous to me. I know this isn't how it happened but I imagine King arriving at the senior Kings' home going "Mama, papa… are you proud of me now?"

[Unrated Backstage via Blabbermouth]

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