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GRAMMYs Producer Apologizes To METALLICA For Sound Issues During Performance with LADY GAGA

By now, we're guessing you saw Metallica and Lady Gaga's performance at the GRAMMYs? The much-talked about performance featured some technical issues at the start of the song as frontman James Hetfield's mic was not properly functioning. Hetfield made the most of the situation, by walking over to Lady Gaga and sharing the mic with her in what was a very cool rock and roll moment.

But, it was clear by the end of the song, that James was really pissed at what went down:

Lars Ulrich appeared on The Late Late Show and confirmed what we all saw, James Hetfield was pissed:

We get off stage, we get back there, and I haven't seen [James] like that in twenty years. I mean, he was livid. He's aged really well and he's a pretty chill guy, but the first five or ten minutes in that dressing room was not a lot of fun. But, like they say, the show must go on, and we fought through it

Well, the GRAMMYs have taken note at the situation, and the public backlash and have issued a formal apology. Grammy Awards producer Ken Ehrlich spoke to The Assosiated Press yesterday and said “These kinds of things are horrible when they happen. That’s one of the risks of live television,” later adding “Obviously, we apologize to the band.”

Interestingly, while TMZ reported that the mic issues were due to a stage hand accidentally unplugging James' mic moments before their performance, Ehrlich has a different hypothesis: “My guys say that the mic cable was connected. My guys’ theory was that … one of the extras (on stage) accidentally kicked out the cable that went to the mic.”

Whatever the issues were, it hasn't stopped Lars Ulrich from saying he hopes to collaborate with Lady Gaga again and the feeling is mutual. You can see the entire video of the performance here.

Will we ever learn who disabled the mic chord? One Metal Injection junkie seemed to have find an exclusive photo of the problem:

[via ThePRP]

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