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Shocking Revelations


There's also a new Sinsaenum record in the works.


Bassist Frédéric Leclercq quit Dragonforce in 2019 to join German thrash band Kreator. At the time, Leclercq said "there is no bad blood" between himself and Dragonforce, and that he wished them all well. Now in an interview with Radio Futuro, Leclercq opened up a little more about wanting to quit Dragonforce.

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Leclercq said he wasn't happy with the direction the band was taking at the time, and wasn't looking forward to touring on their 2019 album Extreme Power Metal. Leclercq notes he would've stayed in Dragonforce anyway because y'know, the bills ain't gonna pay themselves. Fortunately he got a call from Kreator frontman Mille Petrozza and off he went – "Ciao Dragonforce. Hola Kreator."

"I left Dragonforce to join Kreator. I wasn't happy with the direction [Dragonforce] was taking. I was not happy, and there was no point in me being unhappy and arguing all the time with them," said Leclercq.

And I got the offer from Kreator, and it was, like, 'This is perfect.' I must have a good star or an angel or a demon or something, because that was right at the time that I was, like, 'Okay, the [new Dragonforce] album is gonna come out, and I'm gonna go on tour and I'm gonna be very unhappy. But I don't have anything else.' And life is life. You need to pay your bills. But then I got a phone call from Mille, and it was, like, 'This is great. Ciao Dragonforce. Hola Kreator.'"

Later in the same interview, Leclercq notes he has all the song written for a new Sinsaenum record (though we don't know who the new drummer is). The new material will be the band's first since 2018, and the first since the passing of drummer Joey Jordison in 2021.

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Sinsaenum's last known lineup was guitarists Stéphane Buriez (Loudblast) and Frédéric Leclercq (Amahiru, Kreator), bassist Heimoth (Seth), and vocalists Attila Csihar (Mayhem) and Sean Zatorsky (Dååth, ex-Chimaira).

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