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Shocking Revelations

"I have so many crazy stories but we don’t really talk about it."

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Megadeth, Animals as leaders, Marty Friedman, Dream Theater, Testament, Trivium, Rob Zombie, Firewind... the list goes on.

Latest dragonforce Music Videos

Music Videos

Bassist Frédéric Leclercq announced he was leaving Dragonforce (and the band wished him well and announced Stevie T. as his replacement). But, the band...

Music Videos

Dragonforce's upcoming album Extreme Power Metal isn't at all hiding its love of retro-looking graphics. The cover looks like it's straight out of the...

Music Videos

Dragonforce are all about retro-futurism in the awesome new video for their single "Highway To Oblivion" The band's new album, Extreme Power Metal, comes out...

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Latest dragonforce Reviews


There’s absolutely something to be said for consistency, and DragonForce has been extremely consistent throughout their career.


Whether you like them or not, DragonForce appears to be here to stay.


If you're a fan of Dragonforce, definitely get this record. If you're looking for something new, give it a listen but know you're not...

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Latest dragonforce Live Footage

Live Footage

Wow, how cool is this?  French multi-instrumentalist Waxx invited a bunch of musicians to his bus at this past Hellfest to record one epic cover...

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