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Drummer MARCO MINNEMAN Never Heard DREAM THEATER Before His Audition

Posted by on February 20, 2014 at 4:43 pm

Marco Minneman is a beast of a drummer who briefly spent some time touring with Necrophagist. In 2011, when Dream Theater were holding auditions for a new drummer, Marco was one of the people asked to audition.

In a new interview spotted by our friends at Gear Gods, Marco makes no qualms about admitting that before the audition not only had he never heard the band but he didn't even know most of their names. Here is the video where he admits as such:

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I guess when you're Marco Minneman, you don't have to give any fucks! He did ultimately say that there was great chemistry and there were some serious discussions, but ultimately when the band asked him how long he's been a fan of the band and how many records he's bought of theirs, he was very honest in saying he never listened to it before. Minneman adds that was probably what cost him the gig, but he was super pro about it.

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