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Sometimes I think the only thing sillier than watching a band fall apart in public, is watching them desperately try to pick up the pieces by drawing attention to their public issues in over dramatic ways. Apparently post-Portnoy Dream Theater doesn't feel the same.

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In case you forgot, or some how missed the drama behind the DT/Portnoy split it would appear Roadrunner Records has released a 3 minute video clip reminding you just how annoying this entire fiasco really has been. The clip, which many fans thought was the unveiling of DT's new drummer, (which has been narrowed down to Thomas Lang, Aquiles Priester, Virgil Donati, Mike Mangini, Marco Minneman, Derek Roddy, & Peter Wildoer) has turned out to be the trailer for a documentary covering the already over dramatic situation.

I certainly don't want to leave this post on a downer. The fact remains that I've been a die-hard Dream Theater geek fan for the past 17 years, and will more than likely continue to be one as soon as we can all move on with our lives. They're an incredible band that gives meaning to the word "progressive", and continues to open doors for metal music in ways some may not understand. Having said that, as a true fan, I'm going to kindly ask DT to STFU until they just come out with it already. I never found it cute when Metallica milked their bassist fiasco, and I'm equally un-impressed by the current publicity stunt DT is embarking on. None the less, DT has secured a pretty insane list of drummers to choose from, and any one of them really has my vote.

Update: You can now watch part 1 of the documentary here.

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