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EP Review: ORCULTUS Orcultus

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Orcultus is a band that would like to remain anonymous. So there’s your history. And yeah, that’s really it.

The relatively new Swedish black metal unit has unveiled their second EP, following late 2013’s Endless Hate and Misanthropy (two themes the band fully encompasses), a solid volatile black metal romp spanning two songs (plus an intro). For those that have had their whistles whetted by that EP, let it be known that Orcultus are just getting started. Those that haven’t heard it, head over to their Facebook page. The EP is free.

Orcultus is very much a minimalistic project. Songs aren’t steeped in dubs and nothing sounds produced, though I’m uncertain if they recorded this all in one space. Regardless, those of you that take your black metal raw with an extra side of distortion are going to feel right at home the minute this boots up.

The EP kicks off with “Unus,”  a vicious, demonic track that sets a proper tone for the record. The piece explodes and pushes forward like a demonic wrecking ball. That being said, once the first track clears you’ll notice this isn’t a fast album. The band certainly isn’t trying to break any sound or speed barriers. The album has excellent mood though and feels thoroughly dark. Listening to “Duo” is like descending into a black pit, falling little by little. “Tribus” feels like the a lamentation for strained suffering. It is with “Untitles” though that the EP feels properly closed off. As with this song the EP starts to show little in means of song structure variety.

Vocally, this album absolutely kills. Those that like vocalists like Pest (Gorgoroth) will definitely get into this (no, the Orcultus vocalist doesn’t sound exactly like him so don’t come crawling up my ass about how he’s not a clone, blah, blah, blah). The microphone sounds like it’s on the cusp of crackling and breaking all the time. And the instruments follow much in the same order. The bass is something that felt really standout here too. It keeps the songs nice and heavy but also lends to a deeper melodic tone.

According to an interview with The Midland Rocks, the members of Orcultus would like to remain secret as to not be compared to their other projects. So any guesses you readers have at this, well, shoot. Pending members aside, this is some damn fine Swedish black metal. It’s raw down to the charred, black bones. Hopefully the band has a full length in the works soon.


Twitter: @CoffeeCupReview

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