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"Pharmacist's newest is a fun, brutal slice of death metal/grindcore served with an old school Carcass attitude."


Like a lot of bands, Caustic Wound isn’t playing to reinvent the wheel of death or grind, they’re just playing it the way it...


What do you expect from a band called Dirt Woman? Probably not this. Five songs, three of them thirteen-plus minutes, and a colossal sound...

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Lee Buford of The Body, Kristin Hayter of Lingua Ignota, and Dylan Walker of Full of Hell are no strangers to working with one...


Blood Incantation has outdone themselves in every regard. Sit back, strap in and be crushed by the vacuum of space.


Tomb Mold has carried on their heinous sounds with barred teeth. Planetary Clairvoyance continues the band’s brand of death metal drenched in dread-laden doom.

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