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Admitting Defeat: XBRAINIAX Officially Call it Quits

You wanna know what sucks? Finding out that one of your favorite bands just broke up.

Yeah, we've all been there before, or at least, probably have if you've any lines carved into that forehead of yours. According to American Aftermath, xBrainiax (that's ex-brain-ee-ax) have officially hung up the gloves. Though in the defense of the band, they've been defunct for two years so in actuality this is only news to the extent that the band has unfortunately admitted defeat. With the loss of guitarist Zach Howard after the release of the mighty masterstroke Deprogrammed (the band's only full length), things were left a bit uncertain for the band according to record label To Live a Lie's message board.

For those of you that aren't savvy, xBrainaix was one of the fastest bands, possibly the fastest, to ever blast fastcore. Their discography spans a variety of split EPs with such greats as No Comply, the Disgrace to the Corpse of Eric Wood EP, a compilation album entitled Hail Fastcore (essential), and the Deprogrammed LP (also essential). Each release is just as savage as the last and never lacking in quality or complexity, even when songs span a massive six seconds. Certainly one of the most standout bands to ever play the genre along with Hummingbird of Death and probably the most accessible. Their legacy will no doubt influence and help spawn dozens more fastcore bands as this material truly defines the genre.

Those in underground punk, hardcore, crust, and powerviolence certainly feared this. We have lost an incredible band that probably had plenty more insanity to spare. The legacy of many bands residing in these genres tend to be short, spanning around three years. xBrainiax lasted from 2004 until 2013, along with a two year hiatus leading up to this (so 2011 if you don't count two years of no new material). Though it sucks to see them go and has taken a good deal of wine to get me to pen these words, may your legacy always live on, xBrainiax. Goddamn, you will be missed.

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