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NOISEM Will Consume You in Twenty-Seconds

Ever hear the phrase “seven minutes in heaven”?

It's kinda like that. Except you're in hell and your face is being shredded off.

Noisem has unveiled twenty solid, banging seconds of the track “Consumed” from their untitled upcoming album. The track boasts the same Repulsion-inspired death/thrash they've come to be known for.  Bandcamp suggests that it is going to be released on a 7” based on title alone. Alright, I’m cool with that. Just take my money now, okay, A389?

In the event that you’ve somehow missed out on last year’s Agony Defined (one of my favorite 2013 releases), now is the time to go snatch up a copy of that and get ready to shred.

There will never be too much Noisem.

It's just a tease but it still makes me wanna wreck shit.

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