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GWAR Pissed at KATHY GRIFFIN: We Decapitated DONALD TRUMP First

GWAR have been doing this for a while, where's their parade?

GWAR have been doing this for a while, where's their parade?

The last few days, the internet was up in arms about a photo of comedian Kathy Griffin holding up a mock bloody severed head resembling U.S. president Donald Trump. For all the talk conservatives bemoan about liberals being "snowflakes," they seemed pretty easily offended. To be fair, there were plenty of liberals who thought the image went too far as well. I figure most metalheads shrugged at the photo, as we're pretty desensitized to this stuff.

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Conservatives and liberals weren't the only life forms Kathy Griffin offended, as the scumdogs in Gwar posted a message saying they were pissed at Griffin… for stealing their bit. GWAR has made a career of beheading political figures during their shows for the last 30 years, and how dare Griffin encroach on their territory. Here's Beefcake The Almighty informing the comedy world to stop stealing their material, while noting you can get the real deal on Warped Tour.

GWAR had no problem posting footage of them "murdering" both Trump and Hillary Clinton on Election Day last year. Marilyn Manson posted a teaser for his new album with a beheaded Trump.

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Of course, Trump has been mocked by a few others in the metal world. Municipal Waste released a shirt with Trump blowing his brains out. There was a Brujeria shirt being sold at Walmart depicted a beheaded Trump. It's just easy metal imagery, I guess.

[via MetalSucks]

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