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Did KID ROCK Just Confirm He's Running For U.S. Senate Next Year?

Posted by on July 12, 2017 at 5:39 pm

Bob "Kid Rock" Ritchie seems to be dipping his toe into politics. Or is it just a media ploy? Rock made huge waves with his line of controversial pro-Trump merch last year. The resulting publicity not only got the man invited to the White House with fellow right-wing political luminaries Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin, but a contingent of Michigan Republicans tried to start to build interest in Rock possibly running for senate.

Michigan Republicans were hopeful Rock would run to replace Democrat Debbie Stabenow, seeing as how Trump, a Republican, won the state in the 2016 Presidential election. It looks like Rock may have heard their calls, as he just tweeted this:

The website features the heading "Are you scared?" along with an animated GIF that flashes "You've Never Met a Politician Like Me," "Pimp of the Nation," "Party to the People," "Get in the Senate and Try to Help Someone," "In Rock We Trust," "Born Free," "Welcome to the Party," "I'll Rock The Party."

Then there is some merch, the merch leads to his Warner Bros. Records merch store. This is where my red flags go up. This is where I start to realize that Rock is likely just promoting a new album, which will probably be called Kid Rock For US Senate. Wouldn't that just make more sense? The guy hasn't released anything since 2015, and the most publicity he got was when he visited the White House. He's just riding that wave.

An independent NPR reporter made sure to check with the FEC (Federal Election Commission) and notes that Kid Rock has not filed any paperwork yet:

Meanwhile, another Rock, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, has launched a campaign committee to formally draft papers for a potential Presidential run.

[Thanks, Sid]

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