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Ted Nugent and Kid Rock Went To Dinner With Donald Trump At The White House Last Night, Thanks To Sarah Palin

Posted by on April 20, 2017 at 2:24 pm

In an inevitable photo-op, Sarah Palin invited her pals Ted Nugent and Kid Rock over to the White House last night (April 19th) for a good ole 'merican dinner. The images were surely to be expected once Trump got elected, and many, myself included, were confused when Kid Rock and Ted Nugent were not on the bill for Trump's inauguration parties. Kid Rock even created this entirely tasteful line of pro-Trump memorabilia a few months ago.

But look at those cool cats all mugging for a photo together in the oval office, doesn't it just make you bursting with American pride. Is this not the greatest representation of our country? Even better, President Emperor Trump took some time out of his busy schedule to go over some executive orders he was working on:

And being the gracious host Trump is, he naturally gave the three pop culture icons a tour of the White House, where they tastefully posed in front of a portrait of former First Lady, Hillary Clinton. Some people painted this photo-op as "in bad taste" and "inappropriate," but I see nothing inappropriate about three gosh-darn patriots paying tribute to a former First Lady while visiting the White House.

In conclusion, everything is going great and America is the best it's ever been. I mean look at how excited our press secretary, Sean Spicer, to met rock legend Kid Rock:

Meanwhile, what does Kid Rock from one year ago think?

Meanwhile, Ted Nugent continues to be a wonderful human being.

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