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Anti-Abortion Activist TED NUGENT On Masks & COVID Protection: "Your Body, Your Choice"

ted nugent
Wikicommons / Weatherman90

This fucking guy! You may recall, last week Ted Nugent revealed he tested positive for COVID-19. This was funny because Nugent spent a lot of time being one of the leading pandemic skeptics out there, asking simple questions like why the country didn't shutdown for COVID 1 – 18. In fact, there's even a supercut of him saying uninformed things about the virus.

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In his weekly webstream, the Nuge offered an update on his condition. He noted during the early onset of his coronavirus experience, "I was never so scared in my life."

After talking about the rough few days where he was bedridden, he then made sure his fans understood that he's doubling down on his previous statements, and even uses language typically used by pro-choice activists to encouage people not to wear masks.

"Everybody out there, stand your ground," Nugent said. "Do not compromise. Make a choice. Your body, your choice. I don't believe the masks work. I think that's a scam. I wouldn't trust the vaccine; nobody can tell you what's in it. If you wanna take the vaccine, take the vaccine. But you should know the facts that people who have taken the vaccine have been tested positive after taking the vaccine. People that wear masks and social distance have been tested after wearing masks and social distancing, and they've been tested positive. So make your own choice."

Just as a reminder, the CDC has said that of nearly 100 million Americans who have been vaccinated, about 6,000 have tested positive for coronavirus after, and they were asymptomatic to mild symptoms at worst. The point of the vaccine is you won't die or have it so bad that you're sitting in a tub for two weeks like ole Nuge here.

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And, the whole point of masks and social distancing is that they greatly reduce the risk of contracting the virus. Much like if somebody is peeing on you, and you have pants on, it greatly reduces the chances of pee getting your leg, but there is still a possibility of pee getting on your leg.

Nugent using the "my body, my choice" line is extra rich considering all the things he's said about abortion and pro-choice activists, in 2013, when Nugent said “abortion, not guns, is what’s eliminating the inner-city population.” 

Just as a reminder, when Ted Nugent was 30 years old, he got his underage girlfriend's parents to grant his guardianship over her so he wouldn't get arrested. Classy guy.

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