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Squared Circle Pit #35 - Eric Bischoff Talks Working with KISS, Licensing Jimi Hendrix's Music, Why Wrestling Can't Get on TV Today

Posted by on February 1, 2018 at 2:08 pm

I have a huge guest on this edition of Squared Circle Pit, Eric Bischoff – the guy who ran the show in WCW during its heyday. We talk about licensing music for the nWo, what the conclusion of the nWo angle was supposed to be, working with KISS, his plans for the WCW Big Bang PPV that wasn't and we get really deep into why it's so hard to get television clearance for a wrestling company that isn't WWE. It's an absolutely fascinating listen if you're a wrestling fan, and even if you're not.

Eric is going to be appearing at the inaugural Astronomicon, a pop culture convention taking place in metro Detroit at the Wyndham Garden in Sterling Heights, MI (34911 Van Dyke) from Friday, February 9 thru Sunday, February 11. More info and tickets available at Astronomicon.com.

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