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TRAPT Caught Cropping Sturgis Photo, Lying About First Week Sales

It must be hard to keep tabs on all the lies.


We all had a good laugh about how nobody showed up to see Trapt play live at the not-at-all-socially-distanced Strugis rally this weekend, but turns out those pictures didn't quite tell the full story. While the first photos that surfaced online looked like a handful of people arrived, Trapt themselves shared a photo from the stage that seem to rebutt the idea that it was only a handful. Still, the photo from the stage was a skewered perspective. How many people actually saw them?

Well, now more photos and videos have surfaced, and we have a clearer picture of what's happening. But what's pretty amazing is Trapt can't keep tabs on their own bullshit, so they're easily caught cropping photos to give the appearance that there were more people than there were.

For example, a photo surfaced from far back from the stage that shows a few hundred people are in fact engaged in the show, and then there are a few hundred more kinda just standing around. Trapt themselves shared this photo, a repost from a fan:

Some tweeters questioned how many people were actually there based on the angle.

TRAPT Caught Cropping Sturgis Photo, Lying About First Week Sales

TRAPT Caught Cropping Sturgis Photo, Lying About First Week Sales

This appears to be a screenshot from a video, which shows the band playing their one and only hit, "Headstrong," with what looks like maybe five or six people in crowd rocking out. There is a high possibility that because this was the end of their set, the Sturgis bikers were gathering around to get ready for the next band scheduled, but we'll give the band the benefit of the doubt.

Now, you'll see band posted a more full photo of the crowd. But they couldn't even keep up with their own bullshit, because then in a response to a fan, Trapt shared the same photo, but clearly cropped and with filters added to give the appearance that it was more packed than it really was:

They cropped the photo that they themselves shared!

The band also released this video from the same perspective as the photo they posted earlier in the week, but it really doesn't do them any favors:

As I was scanning Trapt's social media, I came across another lie that Trapt was caught in. You may recall (or probably not because who is wasting brain energy on this) that Trapt sold only 600 copies first week of their album, and the band claimed, with no proof, that it was actually 4,000 copies.

Well, Trapt can't even keep their own lie going on Twitter. When a tweeted pointed out that Trapt only sold 13 copies of their album this week, Trapt responded saying that album sales "are approaching 4,000" – the same number Trapt said they sold first week.

Trapt kept digging the hole deeper and deeper.

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