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Tim Lambesis Trial

AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE Postpone Tim Lambesis-Related Perks of Crowdfunding Campaign

"In-person perks held off until we hear more in the next month about Tim‘s availability"

"In-person perks held off until we hear more in the next month about Tim‘s availability"

You may have heard that Tim Lambesis is currently on trial in a murder-for-hire case. You may have also heard about the new Austrian Death Machine album, Triple Brutal is finally coming out in April.

The album was crowd-funded and a few of the perks of the crowdfunding involved interacting with Tim Lambesis directly, including getting personal training sessions from the guy who recently admitted to using steroids.

The Facebook page of the project just posted this status:

“Thank you all for your patience and we apologize for the massive delays that we faced scheduling the release for the Triple Brutal. As many of you already know, the album is set for release on April 1st (not a joke). The stuff for anyone who contributed to the campaign ship March 28.

We have been putting forth our best effort to fulfill what we have promised. If there are any address changes, please email [email protected] and we’ll make sure it’s noted before we start filling up packages next month. In addition to the CD, we are getting ready to manufacture all of the material for the perks.

If we can’t fulfill the exact perk for whatever legal reason, we have ideas to provide cool alternatives. More info on that as it comes. Lastly, the in-person perks are on hold of course until we hear more in the next month about Tim‘s availability. In the meantime, we plan to include extras along with the CD’s going out to those people.”

I love how the message avoids any use of the term "trial" or "court" or anything related to Lambesis' current legal troubles.

ThePRP notes that about 103 people are affected by this as 99 people donated $99 personal training sessions via Skype, three people donated $500 (!) a piece to have Tim be their trainer for a month and one person paid $1500 to sing gang vocals on the album. Geez, you people love Lambesis.

Personally, if I was one of the donators for the personal training, I don't think I would want it anymore in light of recent happenings.

Either way, Triple Brutal is definitely coming on April 1st and that ain't no joke.

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