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Tim Lambesis Trial

AS I LAY DYING's Tim Lambesis Due Back In Court Next Week, Trying to Reduce His Sentence

If you've somehow been living under a rock and missed our coverage of the Tim Lambesis trial, the As I Lay Dying frontman was arrested and eventually convicted of solicitation of murder after attempting to hire a hitman to murder his soon-to-be ex-wife. Lambesis is either already serving or about to serve a six year sentence.

But now, Lambesis is trying to get his sentence reduced. A new hearing is scheduled for next Friday, July 18th at 9:30am in a San Diego courtroom. Lambesis is hoping that the months he spent at home under house arrest could be counted towards his jail sentence. Lambesis already spent 24 days in jail after his arrest last May, and had been given credit for 48 dates. He's looking to extend that to include the time between June 2013 and May of this year, where he was staying in his parents home. obtained a report from a probation officer two weeks prior to Lambesis' sentencing. Lambesis was hoping to just get probation and offered this statement to the officer:

“There is not a day that goes by that I don’t wish I could undo this…. An apology to Meggan does not seem like enough to make it up to her. I don’t have any animosity towards her and I have deep remorse…. We had a difficult separation…. I was trying to fight for my kids through the courts but was not seeing any results. I felt helpless and I began to feel desperate…. I was in a different mindset due to the separation and custody experience and my mind was altered due to the steroid use. My steroid use was affecting many decisions in my life. I am not a risk to her (Meggan) in the slightest way…. If you look at the majority of my life, this was out of character for me. I don’t have a history of violence. I have never been an angry person. Given the potential of my future, I feel that I can be an asset to others if I am allowed to remain in the community.”

This statement is quite contradictory to the long interview he gave to AltPress (highlights here) where he came off incredibly passive-aggressive towards his ex-wife and showed very little in the way of remorse. Additionally, on Father's Day, Lambesis posted a sarcastic tweet leading some to question if Lambesis is a sociopath.

We'll keep you posted on the trial results next week.

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