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Tim Lambesis Trial

Former AS I LAY DYING Guitarist Says TIM LAMBESIS' Crime "Wasn't Completely Out of Character"

If you've been following the Tim Lambesis Trial over the last year, it has been one of the most unique stories in heavy metal history.

Now that the dust has settled, it's been interesting to see the rest of the band come back out into the public light, with their new project, Wovenwar, it's interesting to see the other members of the band discuss the situation, namely Nick Hipa. Hipa has been the one posting responses to Lambesis for his outrageous claims and in recent interviews has opened up about his feelings to Lambesis.

Our friends at the MetalSucks podcast conducted and incredibly thorough interview with Nick that they just posted and he goes into a lot of detail about the fallout from Lambesis' arrest and they went in depth.

Here's a quick excerpt when Hipa says it wasn't completely unexpected:

"Any dude in a band … they are very aware of their bandmates’ highs and their lows, the strengths of their characters, and their flaws. You kind of just accept each other for it. I think even to the extent that you’re like, ‘Man, y’know, this dude sucks, but he’s got other things going for him.’ But for us, we started to see the degradation of [Lambesis'] character to [the point where it was] like, ‘There’s nothing really redeeming here. This guy is losing touch. What do we do? This is somebody that we’re involved with on multiple levels.’ And so we just tried to keep things together as well as we could, and not let any of those things ruin the band and what we had built. But when [Lambesis was arrested], I think we were surprised, [but] we weren’t shocked like everyone else. This came out of the blue for everyone else… we did not expect things to go as far as they did, but [what Lambesis did] wasn’t completely out of character.”

Interestingly enough, Hipa also said it was Lambesis who posted that incredibly awkward and unfunny Father's Day tweet.

There is a lot more covered. Definitely take a moment to check it out.

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