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THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN Jam With Former Guitarist, Brian Benoit

I was really bummed when Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Brian Benoit had to leave the band in 2007 due to nerve damage in his arm, preventing him from performing at the level required for Dillinger's spazzy signature sound. The band persevered and sounded as good as ever, and Jeff Tuttle was a suitable replacement. But now, Tuttle is gone, and last night, founding guitarist Ben Weinman posted the attached photo of himself and Benoit jamming together leading to tons of internet speculation that Benoit might be back in the band. 

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Personally, I don't see this being possible. Benoit came up on stage last year and jammed with the band on the closing riff of 43% Burnt, so it's not like there are hard feelings. But, after the severity of his injury, I just can't see how Benoit could commit to a rigorous touring schedule, the likes of which Dillinger are known for. At best, I can see him contributing riffs to the new record, which the band is currently writing. And, if that's the case, tickle me excited. Actually, don't tickle me, we barely know each other.

Granted, it's been five years since his injury, so perhaps things could be different for Benoit now. But I seem to recall either reading somewhere, or directly asking frontman Greg Puciato, and hearing that he could only play for a limited time before his nerve damage acts up again.

Either way, I'm sure we'll know soon enough. I'm just elated that new Dillinger music is on the way.

For now, let's look back at the good times, with Benoit and the band crushing the now shut down Virgin Megastore in Times Square.

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Watch the entire show from the megastore here.

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