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The Dillinger Escape Plan

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"If it were to happen, it would be in such a drastically different context than what a fan would be thinking of. "


The Dillinger Escape Plan vocalist unleashes a fresh torrent of creativity on his long-awaited solo album...

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It's non/low profit just so people can get music out to the public in these isolated times."

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"I've been hacking away at the score for this and its getting pretty weird."

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It's like The Dillinger Escape Plan in a string quartet.


Explore the dark technicality, magic, and hell that is John Frum's new record


There aren't many bands that maintain a consistency while constantly progressing from album to album. It seems like everyone wants to renew and reinvent...

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Live Footage

One month ago, the Metal Injection 15th Anniversary Show led to a night of magic and celebration, and even managed to raise $1,000 for...

Live Footage

Dillinger wants to bring the singer on stage at one of the farewell shows!

Live Footage

Giraffe Tongue Orchestra were the headliners of the Loudwire/Clrvynt showcase last night, making their US debut and one Austinite was kind enough to film...

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