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JAMES LABRIE On DREAM THEATER's Reunion With MIKE PORTNOY: "Welcome Home, My Friend"

"We are beyond grateful and excited to begin the next chapter with a new album and world tour."


The announcement of Mike Portnoy's return to the Dream Theater ranks almost broke the Internet two weeks ago. Let's face it – no one saw that coming, even less so after the chance of a reunion was repeatedly shut down. Yet, here we are.

Most of Dream Theater's members immediately shared their excitement about the return of the original drummer, and even departing stickman Mike Mangini congratulated Portnoy in a statement that was pure class.

Dream Theater's singer James LaBrie has been the last band-member offering his comments on the "dramatic turn of events" outside the original collective statement. It's no secret that the relationship between LaBrie and Portnoy has been tumultuous, to say the least. Over the years following Portnoy's exit, their animosity in the media was palpable. That was until 2022, when a surprise appearance by Portnoy at a New York show presented them with a golden opportunity to rebuild the bridges that had once been burnt.

Now, in the wake of Portnoy's return, LaBrie recently took to social media to offer his perspective on the reunion, accompanied by a series of photographs capturing moments shared with Portnoy over the years.

In his heartfelt post, he welcomed the return of the original drummer with open arms, brimming with excitement. He exclaimed, "Wow, what can I say, I've been pretty silent and overwhelmed with the reaction… Thank you so much for the incredible response to the reunion of Dream Theater's classic lineup. We are beyond grateful and excited to begin the next chapter with a new album and world tour. Gonna be one hell of a ride for all. Welcome home, my friend. Mike Portnoy."

In an era where drama and division often steal the spotlight, sometimes the harmonious chords of friendship are the one that make the most beautiful melodies. Let's see what these five guys can come up with next!

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