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GENGHIS TRON Appears To Be Teasing A Reunion

Holy crap, is this real?!

genghis tron

Genghis Tron put out what would be their final album Board Up the House in 2008 before going on hiatus in 2010. The band said at the time they "definitely aren’t breaking up, but we have decided to take some time away from the band."

“Hey everybody,

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Things have been pretty quiet for Genghis Tron recently, which has led some folks to ask us if we’re breaking up. Well, we definitely aren’t breaking up, but we have decided to take some time away from the band.

It will be a while before we release another record — and probably even longer before we play shows. However, this was the best thing we could do to make sure that GT keeps writing some real toe-tappers. Whenever we come back, it will probably be pretty weird and really good.

Thanks for all of the support,

– Mookie, Michael, and Hamilton“

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It looks like that time away might be over. On May 16, Genghis Tron posted about some old merch and coming news.

Dear Friends,

We just put up a bunch more shirts and other merch from the Board Up The House era on our webstore at

Check 'em out!

P.s. more real news actually coming soon. promise. like, really soon.

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pps. follow us on instagram @genghis.tron. we hate facebook!

Then came the below picture, which I'm excitedly assuming means new music. So there's something to look forward to this year – the return of Genghis Tron!

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