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Weekly Injection

THE WEEKLY INJECTION: New Releases From TOMAHAWK, GENGHIS TRON, and More Out Today – 3/26

Plus releases from Memorium, Evanescence, '68, Wheel, and The Drowned God.

This week’s new heavy metal releases include bleak blackened shoegaze, old school death metal, stuff you'll be mad at me for including, and more! To the metals…

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'68 – Give One Take One

Genre: Noise rock
Origin: Atlanta, Georgia
Label: Cooking Vinyl

Georgia's rowdiest duo is back with their third record of kinda-sludge, kinda-punk, kinda-blues, but all-fun hard rock. More than ever their crossover sound should appeal to metal heads and indie fans alike. I could see this album allowing them to tour with anyone from Portugal. The Man to Mastodon.

The Drowned God – Pale Home

Genre: Black metal/hardcore
Origin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Label: Solid State Records

Now for something a bit darker. This band blends atmospheric black metal with hardcore to create a sound that's chaotic, aggressive, and bleak. This is the band's third record following a character's journey through just a bummer of a time, and the music is unsurprisingly also a bummer.

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Evanescence – The Bitter Truth

Genre: Hard rock
Origin: Little Rock, Arkansas
Label: BMG

Amy Lee and friends have come a long way since they provided the music for both the training montage in Daredevil ("Bring Me To Life) and the funeral scene in Daredevil ("My Immortal"). This record continues to showcase the undeniable power of Lee's vocals and how well it pairs with straight-forward emotional rock. Certain versions of the release include some pretty cool covers of Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain" and Bananarama's "Cruel Summer" as well. Chad has a full review here.

Genghis Tron – Dream Weapon

Genre: Electronic/atmospheric metal
Origin: Poughkeepsie, New York
Label: Relapse

After over a decade away Genghis Tron have returned with a rather unexpected twist on their music. I imagine this will be a divisive release for long-time fans, but it's been a long time and half the band is new. It would almost be weirder if they didn't sound different. Still, just how much they're leaning into a more atmospheric sound rather than the grind of their early days might take some getting used to. The record is by no means bad. This is just a new beast. Max has a full review here.

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Memoriam – To The End

Genre: Death metal
Origin: Birmingham, England
Label: Reaper Entertainment

Since Karl Willetts stopped Throwing Bolts in 2016, he's been bringing the heavy with Memoriam. They've been rather prolific since then as this is their fourth album in their five years. It's what you'd expect and hope for from an old school death metal mainstay. Chunky, battle-themed, death metal.

Tomahawk – Tonic Immobility

Genre: Experimental rock
Origin: United States
Label: Ipecac Recordings

Tomahawk, the band with members of The Jesus Lizard, Mr. Bungle, and Helmet, that's also known as Mike Patton's other, other, other band, is back with their first record in eight years. It's one of the good things to come from the pandemic since the music has apparently been done for a while, but Patton wasn't able to do vocals for it due to his other projects. Then he couldn't go anywhere, so he Mike Patton-ed into a microphone and now we have a fifth album of wonderful, weirdo rock n roll. Kevin does a deep dive here.

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Wheel – Resident Human

Genre: Progressive metal
Origin: Helsinki, Finland
Label: Odyssey Music Network

Wrapping this week with some really solid progressive metal. This is for fans of A Perfect Circle, Katatonia, Oceansize, and the likes, as they embrace rhythmic jumps, grand orchestration, and moody atmosphere. Resident Human is a hypnotic album that gets in your head and begins to slowly split it open long-ways as depicted on the album's cover.

Also dropping today…

  • 1782 – From the Graveyard (Heavy Psych Sounds) – Stoner/doom
  • Antagonist A.D. – All Things (Greyscale Records) – Metalcore
  • Aara – Triade I: Eos (Debemur Morti Productions) – Atmospheric black metal
  • Arepo – Arepo (Pax Aeternum) – Experimental/ambient
  • As Everything Unfolds – Within Each Lies The Other (Long Branch) – Metalcore/post-hardcore
  • Begotten – EP (Self-released) – Doom
  • Aziola Cry – The Ironic Divide (Sensory Records) – Progressive metal
  • Blindfolded And Led To The Woods – Nightmare Withdrawals (Self-released) – Death metal/avant-garde
  • Breaths – Lined In Silver (Self-released) – Black metal/post-metal
  • Budderside – Spiritual Violence (Motorhead/Silver Lining) – Hard rock
  • Cryptosis – Bionic Swarm (Century Media) – Progressive/thrash
  • Death from Above 1979 – Is 4 Lovers (Universal Music Canada) – Punk/dance rock
  • Draken – Draken (Majestic Mountain Records) – Progressive/stoner metal
  • Eternal Void – Serenity in the Black (Self-released) – Metalcore
  • Ghostbound – Extended Play For My Sweet Mary Thyme (Red Nebula Records) – Gothic rock/post-punk
  • Ghosts of Atlantis – (Black Lion Records) – Symphonic/progressive metal
  • Grande Royale – Carry On (The Sign Records) – Hard rock
  • Graveolence – Anthropomancy (Transilvanian Tapes) – Death metal
  • Greenleaf – Echoes From A Mass (Napalm) – Stoner rock
  • Hound – I Know My Enemies (Metalville) – Hard rock
  • The Juliana Theory – A Dream Away (Equal Vision Records) – Alternative rock
  • Kanga – You and I Will Never Die (Artoffact Records) – Darkwave/pop
  • Kings Never Die – It's What We Live For EP (Upstate Records) – Hardcore
  • Manilla Road – Spiral Castle Re-Release (High Roller) – Rock
  • The Mobile Homes – Trigger (Wild Kingdom Records) – Krautrock/electronic
  • Necronomicon – The Final Chapter (El Puerto Records) – Thrash
  • Paladine – Entering the Abyss (No Remorse Records) – Power/heavy metal
  • Pando – Rites (Aesthetic Death) – Black metal/noise
  • Putrescine – The Fading Flame (Tridroid Records) – Death metal
  • The Quill – Earthrise (Metalville) – Stoner/heavy metal
  • Rotten Funeral – Rotten Funeral (Transilvanian Tapes) – Black metal
  • Sanguisugabogg – Tortured Whole (Century Media) – Brutal death metal
  • Schysma – Schysma (Wormholedeath) – Progressive metal
  • Shiva the Destructor – Find the Others (Robustfellow Productions) – Psychedelic/progressive
  • Shrines – Ghost Notes (Apocalyptic Witchcraft Recordings) – Death metal/post-rock
  • Smith/Kotzen – Smith/Kotzen (BMG) – Rock
  • Solbrud – Levende I Brønshøj Vandtårn (Eisenwald) – Black metal
  • Stepson – Help Me, Help You (SharpTone Records) – Punk/hardcore
  • Stonus – Séance (Electric Valley Records) – Stoner rock
  • Witchseeker – Scene of the Wild (Dying Victims Productions) – Heavy metal
  • Yawning Sons – Sky Island (Ripple Music) – Stoner/psychedelic rock

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