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DREAM THEATER Keyboardist Says New Album Has "Chunky Riffs" And Mosh Parts

Posted by on October 29, 2018 at 2:53 pm

Dream Theater has been in the studio knocking out their brand new album for 2019, and we've heard multiple times that the new material will be way heavier and less concept-oriented than The Astonishing. Basically, we should be expecting early-to-mid-90s Dream Theater, it seems.

At least keyboardist Jordan Rudess seems to think so, as he'll tell you in his interview with Lots Of Musik. Rudess says, fairly tongue-in-cheek, that the new album "chunky riffs, slamming drums, and everybody will be there moshing!" Is new Dream Theater going to cause moshing? I… actually kind of hope so.

"But I'm excited because I feel like this new album is going to be a home run. I get it – Dream Theater fans don't like to go for too long of a gentle ride. Maybe a ballad here and there, but I think the bulk of them are not so into the Disney-esque influence. [Laughs]

"We did that and we loved it, we had a great time, it was the biggest production ever. But now the next stage is back to the roots, back to the core of the sound – screaming Hammond organ, killing leads, chunky riffs, slamming drums, and everybody will be there moshing! [Laughs]"

It's also worth noting that new Dream Theater might have eight string guitars.

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