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DREAM THEATER Is In The Studio Recording A "Heavy, Progressive, Shredding" New Album

Posted by on June 18, 2018 at 12:15 pm

Dream Theater has said quite a few times over the course of the last year that they'd like to move away from concept albums and back into the realm of heaviness. While you should still not expect a new Dream Theater album this year, vocalist James Labrie and guitarist John Petrucci have checked in via video saying they're in the studio getting down to work.

Petrucci says is "heavy, it's progressive, it's melodic, it's shredding, and it's also epic," and Labrie adds "there's an aggression to it."

James Labrie: "Not to mention just the style of the music, which I think a lot of people will stand up and applaud at this point. But there's a heaviness to it, there's an aggression to it. But you mentioned something earlier when we were talking about this, and you said, what was it? The five…"

John Petrucci: "The five pillars of D.T. I think everyone's on the same page with the type of record this is gonna be. I mean, so far the music is heavy, it's progressive, it's melodic, it's shredding, and it's also epic. So it has all those elements, which… they are the five pillars of Dream Theater, if you wanna call it that. We just called it that; there you go."

Also, John Petrucci's beard is bigger than ever.

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