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Dino On Burton Quitting FEAR FACTORY: "He Needs To Tell The Truth"

Dino looks at this as a way to give an "undiscovered talent" an opportunity.

fear factory dino

Fear Factory's inter-band turmoil has become the most dramatic story in heavy metal right now (pandemic excluded, of course). After yesterday's shocking revelation from vocalist Burton C. Bell that he was quitting the band, guitarist and lone original member Dino Cazares is claiming that Burton isn't telling the whole truth.

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Burton's statement about quitting put blame on all three original members of the group "As a direct consequence of their greed, these three have dragged me through the unjust, judicial system, resulting in the legal attrition that has financially crippled me. In the end, these three members have taken possession of my principal livelihood. However, they will never take my 30-year legacy as the beating heart of the machine." He added "I cannot align myself with someone whom I do not trust, nor respect," likely referring to Dino.

Earlier this month, guitarist Dino Cazares revealed the band would be putting out new music in 2021. Cazares said the main roadblock was an ongoing legal battle, and the project was currently without a label, and in need of financial help. This led to fans encouraging Dino to start a GoFundMe to help produce the record. Bell distanced himself from the fundraiser after it was announced, posting on social media "Let me be clear, I am not part of, nor am I benefitting, from any GoFundMe campaign." Cazares began work on completing the new album, even releasing studio updates with new drummer Mike Heller. 

Yesterday, after the news broke that Burton was leaving the band, Dino did an informal Q&A on his Twitter page responding to fans inquiries about the situation.

Dino confirmed that the album will be released next year, and will feature Burton's vocals, which were originally recorded in 2017. When a fan asked what happened with the duo, Dino responded "regardless of him saying he has no respect for me, I’m going to respect him and not answer the question that he needs to really tell the truth." He promises to make a formal statement soon.

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Dino claims he has no issue with Burton, "People keep saying my and [Burton's] beef, it’s only his beef and I don’t have a definitive answer what that is." He told another fan that they need to ask Burton "to tell you the truth of what happened."

Dino is already looking ahead, and when a fan asked how Burton's voice could possibly be replaced, Dino responded "There’s plenty of undiscovered talent out there" and later added "I look at this as a really big opportunity to give someone else a chance . [Fear Factory is] alive and well despite all the negative comments coming from the ex-band members."

[via MetalSucks]

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