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DAVE MUSTAINE On METALLICA Not Taking MEGADETH On Tour: "Why Won't Those Guys Play With Us? What Are They Afraid Of?"

"I don't know. It's not me; it's them."


Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has previously made it known that he wants to bring back the Big Four shows as a way to "benefit young bands and musicians and artists." Though he's also got a tour with his Big Four peers (and former bandmates) Metallica in mind.

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In an interview with Guitar World (as transcribed by The PRP), Mustaine said he knows the world wants a Megadeth and Metallica tour but for whatever reason, Metallica won't do it. Or as he phrases it, "What are they afraid of?"

Mustaine said that Megadeth doesn't need Metallica, and that the band is always talking about giving their fans what they want but "don't give them what they've been asking for." Whether or not the cries for a Megadeth and Metallica tour specifically have really been that loud is debatable, but hey – it's half of the Big Four and we'll take it.

"I wanted things to be reconciled and to be friends. But for whatever reason, they didn't. And Metallica is represented by the same agent as Megadeth, and I've asked our agent, 'You're Metallica's agent, too; why won't those guys play with us? What are they afraid of?'

"The fact is simple: The world wants to see Megadeth and Metallica play together… Does Megadeth need Metallica? No. But Metallica talks about their fans, but they don't give them what they've been asking for. What are they afraid of? I don't know. It's not me; it's them.'"

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Mustaine also spoke about his influence on Metallica, saying it's "pretty fucking deep" and that he wrote a lot of the band's earlier music. This claim famously resulted in the shelving of a No Life Til Leather demo box set thanks to disputes between Mustaine and Metallica over who should be credited for what songs.

"In the early days, I was the only guitar player in the band and wrote some of the songs that ended up on their earlier records. So for a guy who 'couldn't play guitar,' I sure did fucking influence things. The only reason James [Hetfield, Metallica vocalist/guitarist] even played guitar early on was that we couldn't find anyone else.

"Also, early on, James was terrified to talk to the crowd, and I would look at him and say, 'Talk, man. Get up there and fucking talk,' but James didn't do it. He stayed in the background, and he's the fucking singer… That's how it was until I left, James only started talking to the audience after I left; he had no choice.

"And most of what I said on stage was things James would then copy after I left. So how do I view my influence on Metallica? It's pretty fucking deep.'"

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Despite all his frustrations over Metallica, Mustaine said he's a happy dude these days and that he's over it – "It's just money."

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