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Maximum shred is not dead.

Maximum shred is not dead.

Conquering Dystopia, the instru-metal band featuring guitarists Keith Merrow (Alluvial, Demisery, Merrow) and Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy, ex-Nevermore), drummer Alex Rüdinger (Ordinance, Whitechapel [live]), and bassist Alex Webster (Blotted Science, Cannibal Corpse) released their debut record in 2014 and it seems like people are still talking about it. Mainly because it's a really well done spot of instrumental progressive metal that's extremely well written.

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While it's been a little while since the debut, Merrow took to Facebook to let everyone know that Conquering Dystopia II is still in the works.

Hey guys, Keith here. Wanted to let you know that I have a new solo album out now. Jeff makes an appearance on one of the songs as well. You can check it out here-

Also wanted to let you know that Conquering Dystopia II is still something I'm actively working towards. We've written some material, and will continue to until we have a solid album for you. Considering the busy lives of all the members of this project, these things take time. But no worries, we'll get there!

You support of all of our respective projects help to ensure this will happen. Conquering Dystopia is a fully indie project, and mostly funded by the band and you guys. We can't do it without you!

Thanks! -KM

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You should also check out Merrow's new record Reading The Bones below.

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