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CONQUERING DYSTOPIA Legally Cannot Release Their New Album on CD

We're really digging the new Conquering Dystopia record. The band is an all-star group of-sorts featuring shredders Keith Merrow & Jeff Loomis, Cannibal Corpse's Alex Webster on bass and The Faceless' Alex Rüdinger on drums.

The new album is available as a download on their website or via iTunes but there are no physical copies available.

I guess the band was getting enough requests for physical copies that they had to explain that legally, they are not allowed to press the album. According to their Facebook:

We wish we could release the album on CD. But, we can't. Not because we don't want to. We just want to be able to do it on our own terms. We were more or less "forbidden" by a record label that one of the members of the band is on (unless, of course, we release it under that label). It's even more complicated than that, because there's more than one record label involved, but we'll spare you the details. We're not bashing these record companies by any means, just stating the facts. People email us every day wanting to know why our album is not available as a physical CD. Basically, we aren't allowed… Sincerely sorry!

So it's either Sumerian Records or Metal Blade that are preventing the release, (Update: As guitarist Keith Merrow points out in the comments, our speculation is incorrect, it's not either of those labels) and they are within their right.

Update 2: Again, this is just speculation, but since it's not either of those labels, we assume it has to be Jeff Loomis' label with his former band, Nevermore, Century Media.

Honestly, I'm surprised there is still demand for physical CDs. I made an oath never to buy physical after moving a few years ago and realizing it's not worth dragging around all this plastic.

Do you still buy CDs?

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