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Analog Reviews: FISTULA Splits With -(16)- And COME TO GRIEF

There’s going to be a wave of filth hitting us before the year is out.

There’s going to be a wave of filth hitting us before the year is out.

There’s going to be a wave of filth hitting us before the year is out. Fistula are here to reinstate the upcoming splits with -(16)- and Come to Grief. But that’s just the beginning of conquest. Beginning here in the final Q of 2017 and ending early 2018, Fistula will release four more splits with Hemdale, Bloodsick, Fister and a band that is yet to be named. Additionally, Fistula will release a vinyl version of 2016’s Longing For Infection with a bonus etched 7” from the recording session.

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And with 2018 being the 20th anniversary of Fistula this is damn exciting. However, I’ve been lucky enough to be graced with a sneak peak of the -(16)- and Come to Grief splits.

The first of these is the -(16)- split (which is a 45rpm). The tracks are cover songs, each one influential to the band performing it.

Analog Reviews: FISTULA Splits With -(16)- And COME TO GRIEF

-(16)- bring the their sludgy/rock infused tone to “Complications” by Killing Joke. Not surprisingly, the song gets deeper, darker and heavier. Cris Jerue’svocals in particular bring an angry, almost disgusted tone to the song. Meanwhile the riffs are chunkier and heavier, and the song is still plenty catchy.

On the b-side, Fistula come out swinging with a cover of Devo’s “Mongoloid.” It’s a fitting piece of cynicism and, honestly, I can see a Devo-esque attitude in Fistula’s songs. The cover is straight up punk, ditching the new wave/electronic elements. It’s not a speed freak song but it sounds like late 70s hardcore/punk. And if you’ve heard Fistula before, you know they ain’t afraid to kick out some old school hxc.

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The second of these is the Come to Grief split (at 33 1/3rpm). Both of these are original material.

Analog Reviews: FISTULA Splits With -(16)- And COME TO GRIEF

The side A split is “Take Me in My Sleep” by Come to Grief. Years ago I read someone calling Come to Grief the “slowest band on Earth.” I don’t know about slowest, but one of the heaviest is damn certain. The track is plenty slow though though. And it’s the kind of thing you’d expect from Come to Grief. They’re like earthworms eating through your brain. The song is heavy without relying on rumbling, distorted bass. It’s the kind of thing that just keeps your head moving. It’s miserable and I love it.

On the b-side Fistula offer up “Contusion.” And you know it’s really fitting because the pace and guitar melody sound like they’re misery sparring with Come to Grief. It’s fucking awesome. It opens slow and goes slow. But it sounds like a pure piece of soul violence as we trudge forth. The track remains constantly heavy but tempo shifts at times. At it’s fastest, it sounds like Fistula is on the hunt. At it’s slowest, it’s like walking down a gray, expansive hallway with no end in sight.

These are just a taste of what’s to come for Fistula and company in the coming year. In May Fistula and Come to Grief will embark on a tour. Meanwhile, these splits are great and the moment they become available, you should get on them. Especially if you’re into doom, or stuff that’s just slow and heavy.

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Both the -(16)- and Come to Grief splits will be available in three different color options. The Come to Grief split will also be available in a "cassingle" edition.

Analog Reviews: FISTULA Splits With -(16)- And COME TO GRIEF

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Come to Grief Facebook | Website

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