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THE GOD AWFUL TRUTH Get Gooey And Mathy In Their Video "Abbott Is Death Process"

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The God Awful Truth has been kicking out mathy jams since around 2015. Hailing out of Denton, TX, the quartet has a few EPs and singles to their name and a full-length titled Memory Palace that, if your memory serves you correctly, debuted on one Metal Injection. The record remains a strong, chaotic slice of jazzy mathcore. And as such, now is always a good time to celebrate great music, the band has unleashed a music video for the album’s fourth track “Abbot Is Death Process.”

Is it blood? Is it dark chocolate syrup? Is it dirty oil? I don’t know, I’m badly colorblind. What it is though is gooey. Whether dried or wet, the music video for “Abbot Is Death Process” is at times a grimy room of purgatory, and at others one that would not feel too out of place in Twin Peaks. We float through the mirror; colors shift between white and red, and all the while The God Awful Truth is laying down total chaos. It is mathcore to its, well, core. For the uninitiated, The God Awful Truth play a style of mathcore that is in line with the sounds of metallic hardcore but with a jazzier flair. It is a short track and a twisted video, and a reminder of goddamn Memory Palace is.

For those wondering, the band had this to say about the song and video:

“'Abbott Is Death Process' is essentially about being in a funk and not knowing how to get out of it, resulting in things like isolation and substance abuse. We tried to visualize these concepts by keeping each individual band member in isolated shots for the most part, and using the black liquid to represent addiction. The latter proving quite entertaining since we got to literally choke our vocalist with said liquid. We had a blast shooting this video with Drew Hodges who helped us focus in on these raw ideas and bringing them to life.”

Fans of bands like The Callous Daoboys, Thin, Under The Pier, or Mouthbreather should check this out if those people have not. Anyone who is into mathcore should be into this. It is heavy, it has those wonderful panic chords, there is plenty of sass to through around, and is the kind of music that could level a living room.

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