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ZOMBIESHARK! Conjure Up Heavy Cybergrind And Nü Metal On Their Latest Single "Smile Support Society"

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We here at Metal Injection would like to extend to everyone a very happy Friday with a healthy dose of cybergrind. What is cybergrind you might ask? If you have been following this site, you have probably seen this term pop up here and there. What it is, is not a new concept to anyone already in the grindcore universe, what it is evolving into remains to be seen. But one more peek into that universe lies in the creativity of ZOMBIESHARK! and their latest track “Smile Support Society.”

ZOMBIESHARK! is a single person cybergrind project out of Philadelphia, PN. The project has an output dating back to 2012, and since 2020 the project has greatly picked up steam. The pandemic has exacerbated a lot of things in that regard. It is a gentle reminder that even though the past has been incredibly grim, and the future in not looking much better, there have been major strides in art. Herein, we find ourselves with this latest track “Smile Support Society.”

Clocking in just under two minutes, “Smile Support Society” is a harkening back to 90s nü metal, with a digital splash of grindcore, and some late 2000s deathcore vibes. It is a track that is not afraid to bring some auto-tuned vocals greatly into the mix. The track starts out as a total burner and is quick to bring in those pop sensibilities. Meanwhile, the visual aesthetic is gory, but with a throwdown attitude. It is heavy, distorted, and punches hard.

A quote from ZOMBIESHARK! on the track:

“’Smile Support Society’ is about the dichotomy of social cliques and how it can feel like imprisonment at times. The video is filmed and edited by Robert McCoy( @_realmc on Instagram)

“Aesthetically I wanted to capture the essence of early 2000’s nü metal and torture horror like Saw and Hostel. Nü metal has always been a huge influence on my upbringing, and I wanted to pay homage to my influences and create an image that subconsciously reflected the material of the song and Robert really brought the vision to life.”

This is the first single off of the upcoming EP Born From A Wish. If you are already into bands like Blind Equation, Chop7x, Neon Hiss, Blind Equation, or Thotcrime, then this is an absolute must. If you are new to cybergrind, welcome. This is something you absolutely need to hear. Also if you are looking for something different and new. Cybergrind has a lot of avenues of sound to show you. This is but one, and ZOMBIESHARK! is essential material for the genre.

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