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THE GOD AWFUL TRUTH & UNDER THE PIER Drop A Split Full Of Mathcore Madness

This is a quick little mathcore trip but a fun blast.

Under The Pier

Is it time for some frantic mathcore action this Tuesday? I do believe it is that exact time. Denton, TX’s The God Awful Truth and Baltimore, MD’s Under The Pier have teamed up to release some mathcore madness on the always amazing Dark Trail Records. If you are unaware of either or both of these bands, now is the time to get on board.

Turning out two tracks each, the split starts off with The God Awful Truth. Their first track “Married To The Worm.” They start things off heavy and moshy and then shift into something a little more post hardcore-y, and throw in some twists and jagged riffs. The song breaks down towards the end, keeping things heavier and moshy. Their second track “Fear Is The Mind Killer” comes in with a punkier attitude and a lot of upbeat energy. Then the song shifts and eventually hits some moshier territory. The chords go off like a panic attack and the track finishes with plenty of frenzy.

Under The Pier also offer up two tracks, starting with “Salvation”, which hits like a damn baseball bat. The chaos just unleashes the moment the track begins and dials back a little bit until things breakdown into just some bass holding up. Then the track goes crowd kill on the ears and finishes on heavy sentiments. The second track “The Sky Looks Small from the Bottom of the Well” starts much the same. Straight mathcore chaos, even a little thrashy sounding. Then things shift into a metalcore-esque breakdown and the band pummels forth from there. Some finger tapping work, plenty of jagged riffs, and then a wholly slow, heavy breakdown that would not be out of place on a deathcore track. From here the track picks up again, gets more chaotic, and the breakdown speed picks up. Then the track picks up even more and gives us one last shot of chaos before fading out.

This is a quick little mathcore trip but a fun blast. Again, for those that do not know one of these bands, or either, this is the perfect time to dive in. And if one is unfamiliar with mathcore, this is also a good starting place for the genre. Mathcore continues to reign and may it reign for a long, long time in chaos and panic.

You can pick up a copy of this split here.

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