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Get Crushed By POSSESSION 1981 With "Pendulum Has Swung"


It is Valentine’s Day, and you know what that means… that’s right, crusty hardcore love music from Possession 1981 in the form of a new music video for “Pendulum Has Swung.”

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Let us set the stage: it is February 14th 20XX, and a big lug of love has shown up at your door with a big heart-shaped box of chocolates. When you open the box all the chocolates are coated in something sticky and red. Some of them are crushed, some are molded, and there is a stench that slaps you in the face like a metal fly swatter. It isn’t a perfect gesture of love, but love is imperfect. And that is what Detroit, MI hardcore trio Possession 1981 have decided to give us: a nice slice of filthy love.

“Pendulum Has Swung” is the band’s latest single. A fast, catchy, hard-hitting track that comes in swinging and goes out in a rage. It kicks in with classic hardcore swagger, going full circle pit to start. The track breaks down a bit and gets moshier with the chorus and then circles right back around. It is a track that one could visualize a lot of stage dives in a live setting. Whenever those are coming back in the next two decades.  When the track breaks down at the end, the song goes full fight through to the end.

The video itself feels like something out of a video nasty. Almost like if Leatherface had a romantic relationship. The video is about a decayed relationship both literally and metaphorically. The skeleton is absolutely disgusting and you gotta love it. In a way, the video is touching. On one hand, there is the ugliness of the situation, on the other, personal liberation.

The band had this to say about the track:

"'Pendulum Has Swung' was written and recorded in 3 hours on a whim one afternoon. Featuring guest vocals from South Florida metal outfit No Coffin. All relationships waver or decay entirely. Either begrudgingly or amicably. It is human and it is inevitable."

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If your day needs a swift kick in the ass, Possession 1981 has got you covered. The song and video are both nasty. It is crusty metallic hardcore done as punk as possible. The pit is love and though you cannot get in one right now, you can get totally crushed by your new crush.

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