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Plunge Into Purity With Post Rock Project KROBAK

Gorgeously produced post rock from the madmen behind Stoned Jesus. C'mon – that at least got your attention!

Gorgeously produced post rock from the madmen behind Stoned Jesus. C'mon - that at least got your attention!

Stoner doom fans out there probably already know about the almighty Stoned Jesus, the band from Kiev who seem to be raising up an entire scene around them despite geopolitical struggles. As luck would have it, some of the dudes from that perpetually high trio have been working on a post rock album that will take you on quite a ride, Nightbound. The name Krobak itself comes from the Ukrainian word for worm, a name that seemingly couldn't be further from describing the instrumental and transcendent bliss of this album. Featuring stunning violin work and compositions that flow beautifully from peak to peak it's hard not to fall in love, and stay enamored with what the band has done here. Sure it's far from the normal fucked up metal that we tend to work with here, but I feel like Metal Injection fans are a bit more open minded and can appreciate that one of our favorite metal bands has decided to create something with a touch of their trademark crunch, and a lot of transcendent bliss.

The bands mainman, Igor Sydorenko says,

Nightbound is definitely our most mature and challenging work to date. And by saying "our" I mean exactly that: this is also the first Krobak record where everything is not written solely by me. I'd got fed up with the whole one-man-band routine back in 2009, so bringing Krobak as a full band in 2012 meant a lot to me. Having Asya (bass), Natasha (drums) and Marko (violin) taking part in the writing process made the whole experience pretty different but more enjoyable. 2013's "Little Victories" was good but there are some predictable post-rock cliches we were trying to avoid while working on Nightbound. I would say  it's way more diverse and recognizable, even though we're still influenced by other musicians obviously… but this time around it's rather Swans, King Crimson or The Mars Volta than Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Mono and Yndi Halda.

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