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Mustaine Mania

DAVE MUSTAINE Posts Touching Tribute to JAMES HETFIELD On His Birthday



When you look past all the criticism, Dave Mustaine is a human being just like the rest of us. If you follow his Twitter account, Mustaine is all about birthdays, some for friends but most for figures he's most likely never met before. For example:

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You get the point, and those were just from the last two weeks. But this weekend, Mustaine posted a really sweet message to his former partner in crime, James Hetfield:

I'm into it! Hetfield turned 51 over the weekend, whereas Mustaine is about to turn 53 this September.

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Of course, the two had a beef for many years after Mustaine got booted from Metallica (and Hetfield kicked Mustaine's dog) but in the last few years, the two have become friends again and it's great to see. Of course, once they became friends, Mustaine was positioning for a supergroup until Hetfield put a stop to that. But since then, things have been peachy.

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