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Metal Up Your Ass

METAL UP YOUR ASS: Metal Heads Are Everywhere I Go

METAL UP YOUR ASS: Metal Heads Are Everywhere I GoAt the Metal Injection Blog Factory, we are all preparing for our road trip to Worcester for the annual NEW ENGLAND METAL AND HARDCORE FESTIVAL. And by preparing, I mean doing mediocre research to interview bands and downloading old school hip hop to blast at 3am to piss of Rob and Frank. Oh, and getting my car checked out to make sure we have a smooth ride (yes, I know that is what she said). So at about 2pm I went to the local Express Lube place down the street from me. After telling the dude who was checking my car that I was going on a long trip and just wanted to make sure everything was safe to go, he confesses that he's a HUGE Sabbath and Venom fan. So I let him in on the new Heaven and Hell album and charges me $0. I win. Now you can read all the news you have missed and catch up on who is releasing new tunes. Click away. Click away.

Black metal's version of Hot or Not. Thanks to Jeanne Fury for initially finding this and then Metal Sucks for reblogging it.

Two days after NoiseCreep posted this feature, FACT vanflipped.

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You can now pre-order the new Gwynbleidd album, "Nostalgia."

Landmine Marathon's Grace Perry blogged about bat wings and drunkenly telling off cab drivers.

Some Crust dude offered a metal history lesson last week. If you like or want to learn read this brief history of Sunn 0))).

Metal Sucks learned a lesson on Atheist versus Atheism. You can learn it too.

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So secret shows are never really secret, unless–no its just never really a secret anymore. And in saying so, I'm going to blab about a secret show in Albuquerque. Get a preview of that show here.

Speaking of cool tour packages, every so often two tours are simultaneously traveling the U.S. And every not so often they cross the same city/venue on the same day. If you live in the Detroit area, you are one lucky metal head.

If you life in Philly or St. Paul you can meet Lamb of God.

new. Nachtmystium. ep. <--Proof that everyone is stoked. Bodom's new setlist is as follows: 'Silent Night, Bodom Night', 'Hellhounds On My Trail', 'Living Dead Beat', 'Angels Don't Kill', 'COD / BBQ', 'In Your Face', 'Blooddrunk', 'Downfall'. There is NO group therapy in this doc. NOCAREEVER! Sike. I can't not dig that they included Metallica's Moscow footage, but it does suck that there was barely a mention of the bassist situation. It goes from Burton to Newsted to Trujillo in a breathe, if that.

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Hammerfall destroyed a hotel room. Read about it here.

An Emmure rumor is posted on Lambgoat.

News About New Releases

Darkest Hour. Municipal Waste. Marilyn Manson. Behemoth. Brutal Truth. Binary Code. Vader. Pestilence.

Maudlin of the Well is releasing their fan-funded album through a bit torrent. I'm fucking speechless.

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Billboard Reports

Oceano. Queensryche. Satyricon.

Album Streams

Agoraphobic Nosebleed. Brutal Truth. CHIMAIRA.

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