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Napalm Death

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Our good friends at Decibel Magazine always seem to be the first out of the gate with a Top Albums list, and that's because...

Breakups & Shakeups

Turns out Harris did play on the last record.

Weekly Injection

This week's new heavy metal releases include Alice In Chains love, Troll metal, keyboard wankery, and more!


33 years after the band made grindcore what it is today with Scum, Napalm Death continues its penchant for inspired brutality.

Latest Napalm Death Music Videos

Music Videos

Napalm Death slowing down sounds awesome.

Music Videos

Producer Russ Russell also plays in the band.

Music Videos

From their Coded Smears And More Uncommon Slurs compilation.

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Latest Napalm Death Reviews


Napalm Death finds themselves writing some of the most complex songs they've ever assembled while simultaneously pushing out blasts that melt even the most...


I really enjoyed Soulfly's 2012 album, Enslaved; so I wasn't sure whether to be really excited or a little worried that Max and Co....

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