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Metal In The Mainstream

Watch: POST MALONE Introduces Joe Rogan To NEKROGOBLIKON While They're High As Fuck

"Imagine if he was really a goblin?!"

With this new clip of Posty on Joe Rogan, is there any doubt Post Malone is a metalhead? We've spotlighted Post Malone's metal roots. He started in an Asking Alexandria cover band, long before the transition to hip hop. Of course, last year, he got Ozzy to appear on one of his songs and returned the favor for Ozzy's solo record. He's a Megadeth fan and has a Dimebag Darrell tattoo. Anyway, he was on Rogan and spreading the metal gospel.

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While I haven't seen the whole interview, the clip starts with an incredibly blazed looking Malone asking podcast host and comedian Joe Rogan if he's ever heard of Nekrogoblikon? Rogan seems tickled by the prospect, and when a producer pulls up a photo, Rogan is all in.

Rogan, in a wave of stoned inspiration asks, "imagine if it was really a goblin?"

Whoa, man. Whoa! The clip is below.

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