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Harry Potter Star Daniel Radcliffe Jammed MEGADETH's "Sweating Bullets" To Prepare For New Role

Posted by on October 29, 2014 at 11:26 am

Longtime Metal Injection fans know that Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is most certainly a metalhead. While shooting his new movie, Horns, which looks great by the way, he previously said he jammed a lot of Motorhead.

But that's not all he jammed. In a new interview with Gigwise, Radcliffe said he listened to the Megadeth classic "Sweating Bullets" every day while getting into makeup:

You’ve said listening to Megadeth helped get you into character: what track in particular?
Daniel Radcliffe: ‘Sweating Bullets’, specifically for the lines ‘Hello me, It’s me again / You can subdue but never tame me” and “A dark black past is my / Most valued possession”. It’s an insane song and it sounds like a pyschopath talking to himself… and that was very helpful.

He said something similar in a Reddit AMA when asked about the make-up process for the movie:

Um, we listened to heavy metal, basically. That was it. Yeah! And because the two guys that were doing the makeup, Mike McCarthy and Mike Fields, they were both big metal heads, and I mean, the actual process -they made it so easy – the horns themselves only took about 20 minutes to put on, and even some of the more extreme makeup that we had near the end only took a couple of hours, so you know, I had it easier than a lot of actors do. And yeah, so Metallica, Megadeth, and what was the other band we listened to loads of… shit… can't remember it'll come back to me.

I think that's pretty awesome. Of course there will be elitists who bash Radcliffe for naming "entry level" bands but listen, he's not just going to put on Pig Destroyer. Give him some time.

Here's the trailer to Horns which is out this Friday:

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