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Celebrity Metalheads

Harry Potter Is A Metalhead?!?

No matter how many roles Daniel Radcliffe plays, he will be forever known as Harry Potter to me.

Radcliffe is starring in a new supernatural movie, Horns where his character wakes up one day to find horns sprouting from his forehead. Naturally, Radcliffe felt there was only one way to prepare:

"I'm listening to a lot of metal and allowing that slightly demonic rock 'n' roll spirit out. There's nothing else like it," the 23-year-old actor told The Sun.

God forbid The Sun does some actual journalism and asks what bands in specific he was listening to. I assume it had to be something from the more darker realm of heavy music, like black metal. But then again, it could just be Cradle Of Filth.

Either way, I had some fun with Photoshop for the photo in this story.

What would you recommend that Radcliffe listen to?

[via Blabbermouth]

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