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Exploring 25 Heavy Metal Stage Name Origins

Quorthon (Bathory)

Real Name: Thomas Börje Forsberg

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Bathory might be one of the most interesting bands in metal history, not only being credited as pioneers of the black metal genre, but viking metal as well, while retaining most of their audience during the cross over. Although the band started out very silly with their stage name selections (ex: Vans McBurger) Forsberg eventually landed on the name Quorthon from a book that listed dark princes banished from heaven and now in service of Satan. In a very old interview he mentions the name picking process: "I just stopped at one name and felt instinctively that this was it. And that name was Quorthon. Although I am not one hundred per cent sure if that was also the only way it was spelled. … I just picked the version of the name that both felt and looked right."

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