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Exploring 25 Heavy Metal Stage Name Origins


Real Name: Conrad Lant

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Once Guillotine changed their name to Venom, the next step was finding member names that suited what would become an extremely influential black/thrash band with endless Satanic references. Conrad took the name Cronos from the Greek mythology titan and had the following to say in an old interview concerning the subject of stage names. "We decided on those names very early on. I found a piece of paper recently from when the band first started, and on it were written Conrad Cronos, Jeff Mantas and Tony Abaddon. Come on, it would have been daft to be singing about Satan and demons, and all those dark things, and then for me to say, ‘Hello Jeff!’. We’d have felt like twats. That was always my problem with Ozzy. He’d sing about evil things and dark figures, then spoilt it all by going, Oh God, help me!’ Wrong! That was stopping one step short of where I wanted to take this band. We were prepared to go beyond the Hammer Horror of Black Sabbath.”

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