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5 Albums That Inspire ALIEN WEAPONRY's Sound

Everything from Metallica to System Of A Down.

Photo Credit: Piotr Kwasnik

Alien Weaponry will release their new album Tangaroa on September 17. We sat down with the band's very own Lewis and Henry de Jong to discuss the top five albums that inspire them to do what they do!

Lamb Of God – Sacrament

This was the first album I (Lewis) really got into by myself and have loved Lamb of God ever since. They are one of the bands that got me through the tough times of high school, and have inspired me a lot over the years. Mark Morton is one of my all time favorite guitar players and I'd say he has inspired my guitar style quite a lot.

System Of A Down – Mesmerize

Another album I (Lewis) discovered when I was quite young. These guys have such a unique sound and I've always liked how they don't sugarcoat anything with their music or lyrics. This album is one of their best in my opinion.

Gojira – L'Enfant Sauvage

Being the first Gojira album I (Henry) ever had the pleasure of listening to, this one immediately spoke to me. The album was an immediate assault on the senses, and something I had never felt before from music. The way this album takes you on a monumental feeling journey from start to finish is something that really stuck with me. I knew that I had to show the guys as soon as I could.

Rage Against The Machine – Rage Against The Machine

One of our early inspirations, this album was a household staple for Lewis and I growing up. The vocals of Zack de la Rocha were the main thing we drew from, using his repetition of lines to emphasize a song's message was something we loved and thought worked so well. The band's political songwriting was also an inspiration for us, perhaps inadvertently but we have followed that same passion with our songwriting.

Metallica – …And Justice For All

Another album from Lewis and I's childhood. Among other albums, this one is what I'd attribute our early adoption of metal to. Our first material was definitely inspired most by Metallica and that is what started us on the path we are currently on.

Pre-orders for Tangeroa are available here.

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