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Heavy Metal Real Estate

You Can Purchase DANZIG's Infamous LA Home For Only $1.2 Million

The bricks seem to be gone from the front yard.

The bricks seem to be gone from the front yard.

Welcome to another edition of Heavy Metal Real Estate, where we explore how rock stars live by way of their real estate listings.

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Previously, we've seen the lavish homes of Maynard from Tool, the Hawaii penthouse belonging to Disturbed's David DraimanMetallica's James HetfieldRob ZombieTrent Reznor's old Beverly Hills homeDave Mustaine's $5 million mansion, Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett's gorgeous hill-top beach house, and Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris' opulent pad

The year was 2011, and one of the most infamous Danzig memes were born. It was a screenshot of a conversation between two friends, with one of them, Justin, noted that he lived not too far from Danzig in LA and shared a great story.

Here it is again for those of you with short memories:

so he has this huge pile of bricks in his front yard
and the house looks like an evil pixar house
so anyway, his neighbor was like, “dude, danzig your bringing property values down with these bricks in your yard.”
and danzig was pissed
so anyway, back and forth with his neighbor and danzig
and finally one day
i see danzig outside
in his front yard
and he’s hurling bricks into this drumpster and he’s screaming, “HERE I AM MOTHERFUCKER, JUST CLEANING UP MY FUCKING BRICKS BITCH!”
Just super loud

Even more magical, is photos popped up of the actual bricks in front of Danzig's house. The internet celebrated.

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Six years later, Danzig is finally putting the place up for sale. Rumor has it, he hasn't lived there in a while and the listing on Zillow for 4544 Franklin Ave, in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles for $1,199,000.

The property was built in 1907, boasts four bedrooms and two baths, 2,168 square feet, with an additional 6,751 square feet of outdoor space, no central cooling and is a multi-family set up. The listing also notes the property was purchased in 1989 for a measly $275,002.

No word if Danzig's infamous Jaguar comes with the property (We're guessing it doesn't.)

You Can Purchase DANZIG's Infamous LA Home For Only <img decoding=

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